Monoammonium Phosphate (MAP)

MAP - Monoammonium Phosphate

Hortipray® MAP is a soluble monoammonium phosphate fertiliser in the form of a free flowing crystalline powder.


Hortipray® MAP dissolves quickly to provide nitrogen (as ammonia) and phosphorous to plants at all growth stages, in hydroponics as well as soil grown crops. Our product is free of chlorine, sodium and heavy metals.
Hortipray® MAP has been produced for 40 years by Prayon at our Engis plant in Belgium. The high quality of our standard product makes Hortipray® MAP suitable for all fertigation systems through drip irrigation, NFT, sprinklers, centre pivots and lateral movement irrigation systems.


Hortipray® MAP can be mixed with all water-soluble fertilisers, except for calcium fertilisers and concentrated magnesium solutions. In hydroponic systems, it should normally be added to the B tank along with the sulphates and trace elements.
Hortipray® MAP has a buffering effect which will help stabilize the pH of the solution at around 4.2.
Please ask your local distributor or agronomist for more advice.

Product specifications

Chemical formula: NH4H2PO4
Nitrogen (N as NH4) 12%
Phosphorous (P2O5) 61.4%
Phosphorous (P) 26.8%
Solubility (20°C) 365 g/L water
EC (1 g/L at 25°C) 0.88 mS/cm
pH (10% solution) 4.2

Packaging and transportation

25 kg bag: FFS PE bag
Big Bag: Woven polypropylene of 550 to 1250 kg

Packing and storage onto pallets at the production site keep the purity level high. Hortipray® MAP can be delivered by road, railway and sea.

Quality certifications

ISO 9001
OHSAS 18001
ISO 14001